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Tips on enjoying Izakaya: What is “Hashigo”?

When you come to Japan, how about going to an Izakaya and trying “Hashigo” style as Japanese people do? “Hashigo” means not to finish drinking at only one Izakaya but continue drinking at another Izakaya. You can visit any Izakaya in Hashigo way, but you might be confused where you should go. So we share the tips for choosing an Izakaya in Hashigo way. First of all, you choose an Izakaya that serves dishes to make you feel full. It is better to make it as reasonable as possible, and after a while you do not worry about budget. When visiting the second Izakaya, you will already be satisfied with foods and then choose an Izakaya where light meal is served. Japanese people normally enjoy drinking Japanese sake at second Izakaya because they drink much of beer at first Izakaya. As you decide third Izakaya, it is better to go to a place where you can drink slowly. Some of Izakaya are operated in a chic atmosphere and you can be drunk slowly. Or, it is another choice to enjoy karaoke until you get exhausted. How about finding an Izakaya where you can do karaoke?