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Located by Lake Shinji, Matsue's Kitchen Konekko-ya offers delicious dishes with locally sourced ingredients and sake with a breathtaking view.

Genre Izakaya
Area Matsue City-Shimane
station 5 minute walk from Matsue Shinjiko Onsen Station
Lunch budget 1,500 yen
Dinner budget 4,000 yen
Lunch time 11:00-14:30 L.O 14;00
Dinner time 17:00-22:00 L.O 21:30
Holiday New Year holidays
Address 2F Shijimi-kan, 36 Chidori-cho, Matsue, Shimane
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Restaurant overlooking Lake Shinji

Located by Lake Shinji, our restaurant boasts a breathtaking view from the window. Inside is the beautiful décor with local bamboo and wood, creating a relaxing environment for our guests to enjoy. Our kurogaki (black persimmon) solid timber counter is perfect to enjoy local food, and our tableware also features local materials that add wamth to your dining experience.

Super Fresh Seafood

Fresh off the lake, Shinjiko Shicchin (The whitebait of early spring, the Shijimi clams and eel of summer, the shrimp of autumn, and the bass, smelt, and carp of winter) are available for guests to taste the season's best. With other seafood from Japan sea, our special menu is popular among guests overseas. For wasabi lovers, we offer fresh wasabi for you to grate your own. Enjoy!

Carefully selected local sake

There's a reason why we're called Matsue's Kitchen. Our wide selection of wine, high ball and sake is something you may want to try. We have Ginger High Ball with locally sourced ginger, wine from local winery, Winery Okuizumo, and local sake, Ouroku. Ouroku is only available around Matsue area. Please knock back a few of our selection while you enjoy the beautiful scenery from the window.

Assorted locally sourced 5 sashimi.

Assorted seasonal sashimi. Grate real wasabi from Hiroshima at the table and enjoy the fresh wasabi flavor.

Shimane Wagyu Roast Beef

Simply seasoned with salt and pepper. Try Ponzu for a little kick. Enjoy the robust flavor to the fullest.

Assorted Tempura

Gorgeously and generously assorted Tempura. Enjoy.

Rice Porridge with Yuzu

Our specialty. Aroma of Yuzu will make your mouth water.