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Kaga has always been blessed with abundant seafood and fresh produce, and our food culture has developed differently from Kyoto or Edo(current Tokyo). Enjoy our delicately prepared meal with a view of Fujiishi (name given by Hideyoshi Toyotomi who ruled the country in the 16th century), a stone which has been handed down through generations of Maeda family who once ruled Kanazawa, traditional architecture and the atmosphere of a bygone era.

Genre Japanese food
Area Kanazawa City-Ishikawa
station 10-15 minute taxi ride from Kanazawa station
Lunch budget 6,000yen~21,000yen
Dinner budget 12,000yen~32,000yen
Lunch time 11:00~15:00
Dinner time 15:00〜21:00
Holiday "7 days a week Please contact us for meal arrangements, kids' menu and other requests."
Address 2-23,Hashiba-cho,Kanazawa-shi,Ishikawa

Kanazawa Ice Cream

Shop Information

New type of ice cream has arrived! Kanazawa Ice Cream offers two big surprises: one is the unforgettable, delectable flavor. Second is the no-melt formula with Japanese techniques. Have a bite of this one of the kind ice cream you cannot find elsewhere. *Please refrain from littering and eating while walking.

Genre Ice cream
Area Kanazawa City-Ishikawa
station Higashiyama Teiryujo
Lunch budget 650 yen
Dinner budget 650 yen
Lunch time 10:00-17:30
Dinner time
Holiday No scheduled holidays
Address 1-5-5 Higashiyama Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture