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Located by Lake Shinji, Matsue's Kitchen Konekko-ya offers delicious dishes with locally sourced ingredients and sake with a breathtaking view.

Genre Izakaya
Area Matsue City-Shimane
station 5 minute walk from Matsue Shinjiko Onsen Station
Lunch budget 1,500 yen
Dinner budget 4,000 yen
Lunch time 11:00-14:30 L.O 14;00
Dinner time 17:00-22:00 L.O 21:30
Holiday New Year holidays
Address 2F Shijimi-kan, 36 Chidori-cho, Matsue, Shimane

Heijoen Odaiba Diver City Tokyo Plaza

Shop Information

You may choose a la carte or all-you-can-eat plan. Our all-you-can-eat plan includes very rare Ozaki beef, for 90 minutes. (Last order is 10 minutes prior) If you wish to eat a little bit of various cuts, we recommend ordering a la carte.

Genre Yakiniku(Charcoal Barbecue)
Area Odaiba-Tokyo
station 5 minute walk from Tokyo Teleport station on Rinkai Line, 7 minute walk from Daiba station on Yurikamome Line
Lunch budget 1,000yen~1,999yen
Dinner budget 6,000yen~7,999yen
Lunch time 11:00-16:00
Dinner time 11:00-23:00(L.O22:00) 
Holiday No scheduled holidays. Closed 1 day per year.
Address Diver City Tokyo Plaza 6F, 1-1-10 Aomi,Koto-ku, Tokyo