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Sky Restaurant & Lounge L&R

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80 meters (262 ft) up, L&R is a perfect to place to enjoy lunch and dinner with the most incredible city views, and also sip on cocktail while watching over the glittering skyline. Relax and have a fabulous time in extraordinary, gorgeous settings.

Genre Restaurant
Area Hiroshima-Hiroshima
station Hiroshima Station
Lunch budget 5,000yen
Dinner budget 14,000yen
Lunch time 11:30-14:00
Dinner time 17:00-21:00
Holiday Open everyday
Address Hotel Granvia Hiroashima 21th floor, 1-5 Matsubaracho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima
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Open Atmosphere - Counter seats, private room and table seats availbale to fit all your needs

L&R offers stylish, luxurious yet intimate setting to enjoy the breathtaking view of Hiroshima. Counter seats, private room and table seats are available to accommodate your needs.

Sky high lounge/restaurant located 80 meters above the ground - Panoramic view of Hiroshima

Located 80 meters (252ft) above the gound and on the top floor of 21-story building, L&R offers a panoramic view of Hiroshima while enjoying delicious lunch and dinner. As dusk falls you can enjoy drinks and dishes whilst Hiroshima lights up and shows the glittering skyline.

Our selection of drinks - Carefully selected by our specialist staff

We offer dishes and original cocktails made with locally sourced ingredients/drinks. Feel free to ask our wine sommelier for a perfect glass of wine from over 1,000 bottles stored in our wine celler. We also have a whiskey specialist staff stand by. Savor the fantastic harmony of drinks and dishes in sumptuous settings.

Seasonal French

Beautifully presented course meal with seasonal ingredients.

Chef's Recommended Fish Dish

Chef's daily special seafood dish

Chef's Recommended Meat Dish

Chef's daily special meat dish

Grilled Fillet Steak

Grilled beef fillet steak with special sauce.