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Shop Information

Serving you the Shimane's finest. A hide-out izakaya with a motto “local production for local consumption.” Enjoy fresh produce in a relaxing atmosphere. link!

Genre Izakaya
Area Matsue City-Shimane
station 4 minute walk from Matsue Sation On Sanin Main Line
Lunch budget
Dinner budget 4,000yen
Lunch time
Dinner time Weekdays, Sundays, Holidays 17:30~00:30 (Last Call.00:00) Fridays, Saturdays 17:30~3:00 (Last Call.02:30)
Holiday No scheduled holidays
Address 198-61 Teramachi Plaza 1F, Teramachi, Matsue
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Seasonal fresh produce

Our owner being a farmer himself, he goes from farm to farm to find the best quality fresh produce around. Some vegetables are unavailable due to weather or temperature changes, but we make sure to serve you the freshest, seasonal vegetables, and other local specialties. Our skilled chefs cook each dish from scratch and with a passion. We hope you enjoy and savor our carefully prepared food.

Local sake for perfect pairing

We have a wide selection of alcohol beverages for you to enjoy. Starting from 29 different brands of Shimane's local sake breweries, we have craft beer and wine from Okuizumo Vineyard. We can make recommendations by locations you visited as well. Enjoy what Shimane has to offer and enjoy all the sake.

Sake Steamed Freshwater Clams

Our good relationship with local fishermen enables us to serve good amount of clams.

Raijin Tofu

Made with Okuizumo soy milk and cream cheese

Shimane Special Meal in A Box

6 appetizers, egg custard, Nitamai rice, Freshwater clams miso soup served in a box

Blackthroat Seaperch Salt Grilled/Simmered

Juicy fish is our staple.