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Japanese Sake, which Is Only Be Served At Local Izakaya

Due to the worldwide boom of Japanese sake in recent years, the circulation of Japanese sake in the world has far exceeded than before. However, depending on the size and policies of the sake brewery, there is also a Japanese sake that has a taste everyone admires, but is distributed only in Japan. It is one of the pleasures of traveling to Japan that you meet Japanese sake you can taste only in Japan. However, even if you come to Japan, you cannot drink Japanese sake throughout Japan. Most of the Japanese sake breweries are small and medium-sized enterprises. As a result, there are only a few Japanese sake that are commonly distributed throughout Japan. Even if you go to Tokyo or Osaka, you cannot taste Japanese sake nationwide. If you visit the countryside in Japan, you are lucky because there is a possibility to find Japanese sake that can only be drunk there. Do not hesitate to go to an Izakaya if you are interested in enjoying a variety of Japanese sake. It is common that Izakaya boasts a selection of Japanese sake. For example, in Konekko-ya in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, which is also introduced at wavisavinavi, there is a Japanese sake named Ouroku that can only be drunk in Matsue city. It can only be served at a limited restaurants in Matsue city because of limited production item. Enjoy its refreshing flavor that fits seafood very well.