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Japanese luxury “beef Yakiniku” (Barbeque)

One of the most popular Japanese cuisines for tourists is Beef Yakiniku, a barbeque in Japanese style. Some of you will hope to experience the authentic Japanese beef Yakiniku. Actually, there are grades among beef meat. The highest grade in Japan is Kobe beef. Kobe beef is a luxury beef and becomes popular when the former president Barack Obama said “I want to eat Kobe beef if I go to Japan.” It is characterized by so-called marbling flesh, the melting point of fat is very low and it melts at the moment you put it in your mouth. Head office of “Heijoen”, introduced in Wabisabi Navi, is known as a famous barbecue restaurant serving Kobe beef. It buys Kobe beef as a whole and there is no dispersion in the quality of meat provided at the restaurant. Also handmade kimuchi (Korean pickles) is also hidden popularity that has a role to refresh the inside of the mouth. If you like to try top-class beef meat, visit “Heijoen” Asakusa main office.