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Japanese Delicious Seafood In Winter! Enjoy It At Reasonable Price At Izakaya

One of the pleasures of traveling is to eat gourmet unique to that land. Japan, which is an island country extending north-south, faces the ocean with its distinctive areas and has regional marine products. Not to mention “Sashimi” (sliced raw fish) and Sushi, there are also rare eating methods unique to each area. However, we are naturally concerned with the price when eating seafood gourmet in Japan. If you go to a sushi restaurant or a Japanese-style restaurant, you need to be prepared to use up all of your money. If you go to Izakaya, on the contrary, you don’t worry about using much money. The price of a food is set that ordinary people can visit like weekly. Just because Izakaya serves a food at low price, you cannot dismiss it. How to eat seafood in Izakaya is based on the trends and more freedom than in a Sushi shop or a Japanese-style restaurant. For example, Uoking coba in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture, which is also introduced at wavisavinavi, has strength on seafood dishes, and cooks seafood of the Sea of ​​Japan in Italian style. There is a difference of the strength in each Izakaya. How about visiting Izakaya after checking whether you can eat what you want.