As you know Wavisavi, you will more enjoy Japan.

If you go to Izakaya, you can taste the gourmet throughout Japan!

If you come to Japan, we advise you to taste the gourmet that you can enjoy only in Japan. Many Mountains and rivers separate Japan’s area and distinctive gourmet is developed for each area. It cannot be said that you can taste gourmet throughout Japan by visiting only one place. We propose an idea of visiting franchize Izakaya to those who want to eat Japanese gourmet of various areas. Hearing “franchise,” it may seem that it is uninspiring, ​​but Japanese franchise Izakaya has a nationwide network and can offer special menu with its strength. Here is some examples of Japanese franchize Izakaya, Uotami, located at Uguisudani, Tokyo.


“Modern-Yaki”, the okonomiyaki (Japanese-style of pancake) in Hiroshima style, contains fried noodles inside. Speaking of okonomiyaki, people imagine a thin form with cabbage in Osaka style.


“Motsunabe” (Japanese hot pot) that makes your body healthy. This is a specialty food of Hakata, Fukuoka Prefecture. Carefully selected hormones that we can enjoy its taste of flavor and texture are boiled with a rich Tonkotsu (pork-bone) soup. The soup that the taste of meat and vegetables seeped out is used for Tonkotsu Ramen afterwards.


A combination of “Mekabu” (seaweed), produced in Sanriku area, Tohoku region, and “Tofu” is outstanding. We eat it with a superb soy sauce on a tofu with a freshly scented Mekabu. This menu is recommended for people who want to eat refreshing dish.


Uotami at Uguisudani offers gourmet, which cannot be eaten unless you go to the local area. You can order foods with the tablet called wavisavinavi, which supports multiple languages.