As you know Wavisavi, you will more enjoy Japan.

If you go to Izakaya, you can enjoy Japanese country food.

When you come to Japan, it is one of the choices to enjoy sophisticated specialty dishes at a high-class restaurant. In such restaurants, you can enjoy the tradition that Japanese high-class people have sharpened. However, people who want to enjoy traveling like the inhabitants may feel that there are too many decorations. Izakaya is recommended for those who want to enjoy more rustic Japanese country food. Izakaya is exactly the space of relaxation for adults of common people. For easy-to-enjoy fun, Izakaya serves familiar cuisine using materials available on a daily basis. For example, Raijin in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, who is also introduced at wavisasavinavi, has a country food as its strength. Steaming freshwater calm with Japanese sake, the specialty seafood of Shimane Prefecture, is served in a small pot, and the fragrance of Japanese sake at the moment of opening the lid inspires the appetite. Salt-grilled Nodogro (Rosy Seabass), which is often caught in Shimane Prefecture, is also rustic and attractive taste. In addition, Raijin offers a lot of rural dishes of Shimane Prefecture. Why don’t you find by yourself a rural cuisine that deepens the image of Japan rather than the rural cuisine that everyone has eaten?