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Our Kaisen-don (Sashimi bowl) comes with over 10 kinds of sashimi over rice. We use wild Fugu(blowfish) only, and Fugu is also served along with other 9 kinds of sashimi. Fresh seafood is our main thing but we also offer delicious meat dishes, drinks, and kids meals.

Genre Seafood
Area Sakaiminato City-Tottori
station 1 minute walk from Sakaiminato Station
Lunch budget 1,000yen-2,000yen
Dinner budget 1,000yen-2,000yen
Lunch time 11:00-20:00
Dinner time
Address 207 Taisho-machi, Sakaiminato, Tottori
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So many Kaisen-don (sashimi bowl) to choose from

Sakaiminato City of Tottori prefecture is best known for its fishery and fresh seafood. Our manager goes to the market daily and picks out the best seafood available. Our recommended item is seasonal Kaisen-don(sashimi over rice.) We have over 10 different items of Kaisen-don such as premium Kaisen-don with over 10 kinds of sashimi including Fugu(blowfish) and fresh Uni-don (sea urchin over rice.) Conveniently located with only a minute walk from Sakai-minato station, please drop by and enjoy what Sakaiminato has to offer.

Tuna Sashimi Bowl

We only use the bluefin tuna from Sakai-minato city

Fresh Sea Urchin Bowl

We only use the authentic, fresh sea urchin in a wooden box.

Fried Oyster Meal

Our special combo meal with rice and miso soup

Sangen pork Tonkatsu Meal

Another popular item with over 200 grams of Sangen pork.