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Do You Know “What To Do In Izumo”? Let’s go to see the spring gardens!

In Izumo City in Shimane prefecture, known with Izumo Taisha, there is a unique garden style called “Izumo flower garden”. “Izumo flower garden” is a garden that has developed among the common classes such as rich farmers and merchants rather than aristocrat class. Especially, there is a feature in the technique, which puts “stepping stones” in a garden and pond. Nearby Izumo City, you can see famous garden named “ADACHI MUSEUM OF ART”, which has been ranked as first place in “Journal of Japanese Gardening”. You will be interested in its garden, but we recommend you to visit unique gardens that you can only see in Izumo city during your stay there. There are 16 places of Izumo flower gardens in Shimane prefecture as a whole, 9 of them are located in Izumo City alone. The representative garden called “Harashika Ezumi garden” is much loved by locals. This garden is a simple construction with few artificial features, just right in the farmhouse’s garden. The lively black pine makes us feel the vitality of a Japanese farmer living with nature. Japanese gardens are made to be enjoyable through all seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. From the Japanese garden in spring, you can feel the energy. How about refreshing yourself at your destination?