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Do you know “Holy Land of Izakaya” in Tokyo?

One of the popular ways to spend time in Japan is to go to “Izakaya”. Izakaya is a casual dining bar in Japanese style. Not only Japanese food, but also Western and Chinese foods, seafood and regional cuisine are served with variety of Japanese sake. Workers of companies casually stop by and enjoy drinking at Izakaya, and you do not need to worry about clothes. Do you know the areas in Tokyo where Izakaya gather together? As its representative, young people and women go drinking around Akabane Station. In this area, we can visit Izakaya, which continues for more than ten years, and enjoy food and alcohol. The unique way of drinking called “Senbero”, meaning we can eat foods and drink only at 1,000 Japanese yen, is available. You can also choose Yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurant, the representative of Izakaya culture in Japan, and also a restaurant serving “Oden” (Japanese fishcake and vegetable stew) regardless of the season. We can say that Akabane area is totally a theme park of Izakaya. How about drinking overnight till the morning if you like drinking? Some Izakaya are open from the morning time, and maybe you cannot get out of the Izakaya.